Blitzkrieg Commander II : Prélude sur le front de l’Est

Ludo et moi avons récemment joué deux fois à Blitzkrieg Commander, sur le front de l’Est. Nous voulions un peu changer d’échelle abec le 6mm  ( par rapport au « skirmish 10mm ») et de front. ( Mes russes 10mm sont en cours de finition, avec un magnifique T-28 ! 😉  )  La joie de re-jouer à BKC, nous a mené à l’hypothèse d’une mini campagne sur le Dniepr en 1943.. à suivre ..

Ludo and I recently played 2 games of Blitzkrieg Commander, on the east front. We wanted to game another scale, 6mm. ( we play 10mm skirmish most of the time), and another front. ( But my russians 10mm are on the way, with a beautiful T-28 😉 ) We’re now thinking about a small mini campaign on the Dniepr in 1943..

figurines 6mm d'allemands 1943  en progression en camions

( Some 6mm german advancing. I won a game, Ludo won the second game.)

Des figurines 6mm Heroic’n Ros d’allemands en progression sur le front de l’est. J’ai gagné une partie, Ludo a gagné la seconde.

à suivre …


  1. Jack:

    Come on Ronan, we need more pictures and story! I’d love to see your thoughts for a Dnieper campaign. You know I love campaigns (though I never finish them!).


  2. ronanr:

    Thank you Jack.
    We’re working on the setup for the Dniepr. And I started a small campaign for CoC with At The Sharp End. I will post some pics.
    Small and short campaigns, that’s what we decided. I hope you’ll play one from the start to the end.

  3. Jack:


    I don’t think I’ll ever finish one, I always bite off more than I can chew. But I sure have fun doing it! I just started a Vietnam War (US) campaign, which could literally have hundreds of games if I played it out to its logical end. I doubt I’ll ever finish it 😉

    How is « At the Sharp End »? I have Platoon Forward, but I’m a rules/book junkie and will probably pick it up also.

    How many fights do you think you’ll have for Dniepr?


  4. ronanr:

    ATSE allows to create short campaigns without a real map. It’s very close to what you did with your Vietnam campaign.

    For the Dniepr, we will use a « map » with a dozen of areas, leading to a key zone.

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